I am dedicated to continually learning everything possible about hypnotherapy. If you don't see something that interests you, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to locate the answer.

If you don't see your request listed in the topics of concentration or services, please contact me to discuss it further in detail, as I am available for custom sessions as well. 

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Sports Performance 

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Sexual Performance 

Sales Performance 

Financial Success 

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Enhance Creativity

Improve Self Esteem

Ready to quit smoking or give up binge eating or excessive drinking? Whatever habit no longer serves your good, I can help you let it go!

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Hypnotherapy - Topics of Concentration

Positive Affirmations

Self care includes reminding yourself about the good things in life. Hypnosis certainly helps clear those blocks in your conscious mind, cluttered by overwhelming daily demands, but it is not realistic for a client to come see me every day for positive messages. In between hypnotherapy sessions, I recommend using these and other affirmations to make positive self talk a new natural habit.

I am dedicated to helping others live their best life. We all have it in us to know our strengths, sometimes we just need reminding.

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