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Performance Enhancement 

Here are a few examples of performance enhancement that I can help you achieve:

  • Sports Performance 

  • Academic Performance 

  • Sexual Performance 

  • Sales Performance 

  • Financial Success 

  • Public Speaking

  • Enhance Creativity: For Writer's Block, Artists, Singers, Actors, etc.

  • Motivation to Perform

  • Study Skills / Test Prep / Test Anxiety

  • Dramatically Increase Endurance

  • Alleviate Pre-Competition Stress or Nervous energy

  • Focus Attention on Excellence

Hypnosis is used to assist people in operating within the framework of high performance.  As hypnotherapists, we are trained to focus our own thoughts on seeing the best for ourselves and we share that knowledge with Clients. It is my personal goal to work with as many people as possible, so that a greater number of the population will be performing through life as their best selves. 

By learning the skills to maintain intentional focus for the situation, the person’s performance is enhanced. Hypnosis is a short cut on the road to increased performance, combined with other techniques to create a winning recipe for success. Specialized areas of focus are created for the Client’s needs, such as 

  • Sports performance focused in your area of sports and individualized in the area you desire improvement
  • Mindful performance enhancement for testing, career performance;
  • Artful or creative focus for writers, artists, singers and actors;

Specialized concentration gears towards achieving Client Results:

  •  Concentrated performance enhancement
  •  Increased performance skills
  •  Goal focused driven energy
  •  Self motivation affirmations
  • Overall Excellence in Performance 

Hypnosis can help you in a number of ways. It can help you to improve your memory by teaching you to carry out mindful "defragmenting". By relaxing your mind and body, Hypnotherapy helps it to sort and categorize the vast amount of stored information. Think of your mind as a computer; everything you create today is fresh in your recent documents list and there are also ways to search for past files, though you tend to have to look a bit deeper. The same is the for the mind. You can remember anything you choose to remember and I am here to help you answer your own questions through your mind's memory bank. The subconscious is a very amazing tool that you can tap into for concentration on important events and tasks in your life, such as studying for classes or presentations, or preparing for tests and major exams.

Like a virtual organizer, information is sorted into different regions of the mind and when all the clutter has been removed, the important information you wish to remember can be recalled quickly and easily and effectively. Hypnotherapy also helps you to relax so that you can be more open to memory recall. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to pass exams with excellence or remember facts such as phone numbers, names, just all kinds of facts without a problem? likely that they’re just able to use their mind in a relaxed, confident and organized way in order to achieve success.