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Self Care

Lose Weight

The reason most people fail at weight loss is that the approach that they use is just too simplistic. Dieting alone will end in failure for most people.  How you eat and how it affects your body weight depends on many factors including family eating habits, personal emotions, habitual eating, times of eating, quality of diet, exercise regimes, and genetic predispositions. 

Programs that do not take a number of these factors into consideration are going to have only limited success. Hypnosis or hypnotherapy affects subconscious factors such as family training, emotions, habits and exercise. Diet programs alone are unable to do this. Even diet programs that include exercise programs are not going to work for most people in the long run.

If you can use the power of your mind to imagine yourself how you really want to be and you enjoy the future feeling of being fitter and healthier, then you are well on the way to achieving your goals. Your health, fitness, happiness and success then become an inevitable outcome in your life. With your new, positive outlook, remember that the best workout, according to top trainers and fitness experts, is one that includes the mind as well as the body. In addition to regular weight and cardio training, many people are now practicing alternatives such as yoga, pilates or tai chi, all of which engage your mind, body and spirit.

Manage Pain

One of the biggest ethical considerations for hypnotherapists is that I never use hypnosis to treat pain unless the cause of that pain is already known and has been diagnosed by a medical practitioner.  Pain is sometimes a symptom of a more serious underlying condition, for example, a persistent headache could be a symptom of a brain tumor. If a hypnotherapist were to treat the headache in this example, before the root cause of the pain was known, then this could well lead to the brain tumor not being diagnosed for longer. However, if the patient had already been to their doctor and more serious causes of the headaches had been eliminated, then it would be fine for the hypnotherapist to proceed. 

Hypnotherapy is beneficial for helping the subconscious mind focus on healing as opposed to giving more energy to the source of physical pain.

Stop Smoking

Using Hypnosis to Stop Smoking is the most effective way to quit!

In 1992 the University of Iowa conducted a meta-analysis of studies using different methods to try and help people to quit smoking. This was the largest ever scientific comparison – looking at more than 600 studies which contained 72,000 people in total, from America and Europe. They found that on average, hypnosis was over three times as effective as nicotine patches or nicotine replacement methods and 15 times as effective as trying to quit alone, and concluded that to stop smoking with hypnotherapy is by far the most effective way of breaking the habit. 

Improve Sleep

How does hypnosis help? Hypnotherapy generally involves hypnosis combined with relaxation which in itself is one of the key elements in falling asleep easily. First you learn to relax physically; with practice this is very quick and very simple. Secondly, you learn to relax mentally. This can be frustratingly difficult but learning self-hypnosis will soon make it very easy indeed. You will learn to be a falling asleep expert. In fact, many people come to see a hypnotherapist for something they believe to be completely unrelated and are amazed that their sleep improves as a consequence of dealing with the other thing. This is one of the most empowering effects of hypnosis; you learn to change one thing and so many other things fall into place.

Confidence & Self Esteem

Just take a moment to imagine how it would be to live your life feeling confident in who you are and what you do.  Hypnotherapy For Confidence can make it happen!  You would be amazed at the number of people that have a problem with a lack of confidence & low self-esteem.  However, there is an easy and effective solution.

Memory & Concentration

Hypnosis can help you in a number of ways. It can help you to improve your memory by teaching you to carry out mind housekeeping. By relaxing your mind and body, Hypnotherapy helps it to sort and categorize the vast amount of stored information. Think of your mind as a computer; everything you create today is fresh in your recent documents list and there are also ways to search for past files, though you tend to have to look a bit deeper. The same is the for the mind. You can remember anything you choose to remember and I am here to help you answer your own questions through your mind's memory bank. The subconscious is a very amazing tool that you can tap into for concentration on important events and tasks in your life.

Like a virtual organizer, information is sorted into different regions of the mind and when all the clutter has been removed, the important information you wish to remember can be recalled quickly and easily and effectively. Hypnotherapy also helps you to relax so that you can be more open to memory recall. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to pass exams with excellence or remember facts such as phone numbers, names, just all kinds of facts without a problem? Likely that they’re just able to use their mind in a relaxed, confident and organized way in order to achieve success.